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Get Involved – Medical Professionals

How Medical Professionals Can Get Involved

Have you ever felt limited by the relentless red tape of the medical world? Escape the red tape by volunteering at Care Net Pregnancy Resources for just a few hours each week. Your training allows you to communicate effectively with women in need while providing factual information and critical health services to help them choose life. Here, you’ll experience tangible results that can be measured in lives saved – and lives changed.

Through medical professionals like you, Care Net Pregnancy Resources offers women facing an unplanned pregnancy decision with a free 1st trimester ultrasound.

The ultrasound can help determine:
* Intrauterine pregnancy
* Fetal viability (heartbeat)
* Gestational age

When a woman considers abortion, seeing her baby on ultrasound often saves the baby’s life. RMDS technicians and RNs trained in ultrasonography are needed to perform ultrasounds. Your helps provides a life-saving image to women considering abortion.

Volunteer to be part of Care Net Pregnancy Resources’ medical team. Through you, women in need of a 1st trimester ultrasound can continue to receive
these free services. Contact our director, Laura Hanrahan, here.