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We rejoice with each woman and couple who chooses life. We offer a variety of classes and support to help both him and her with what they’ll need to know about raising a child while balancing other life responsibilities. Classes are confidential, private (1:1), and last approximately 50 minutes. Clients meet weekly with a trained volunteer client advocate. Client advocates facilitate our parenting programs with the aid of short videos and discussion questions. They move the conversation from the practical to the spiritual and from the spiritual to the Gospel. We believe every appointment is a divine appointment and feel privileged and honored to serve our Lord in this way. We give Him the glory for every victory over abortion and every heart reborn into communion with Christ.¬†

Some of our clients find that making an adoption plan can be an excellent option for an unplanned pregnancy. While Care Net Pregnancy Resources does not broker adoptions, we are able to help clients understand this sacrificial option. We are able to provide them educational resources and ongoing practical, emotional, and spiritual support.