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Post Abortion

“Abortion Recovery was life changing for me. It helped me break the chains that were holding me back from living life to the fullest.” — Quote from a woman who went through post abortion recovery.

Care Net Pregnancy Resources provides confidential, private (1:1), Biblical support for both women and men who have been impacted by abortion in their past. This work typically occurs when the Center is closed to provide both increased anonymity and a more quiet environment for healing.

Many individuals hold onto their emotional and spiritual pain, shame, and guilt for decades. Exploring whether an Abortion Recovery Program, at Care Net Pregnancy Resources, is right for you, or a loved one, is the first step. Exploring the option is not a commitment to the Bible study.

We invite you to call (908-684-3099), text (908-409-3099), or email  if you are interested in finding out more.