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Our client website, was carefully and prayerfully designed to reach that abortion-minded client. It details valuable information about the services we provide for those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or those in need of medical services like lab-quality pregnancy testing and 1st trimester ultrasound.

We also assist clients needing medical referrals for healthcare or community resources.

While Care Net Pregnancy Resources does NOT provide or refer for abortions or abortifacients, we do provide vital statistics and information about abortion to clients (or callers) – knowing, if we don’t – an abortion provider will.

Our hope and prayer is to always present truth, pray for victory, and by God’s grace eliminate the crisis without eliminating the baby.

Clients can email us to make an appointment directly from our website or they can text us. Of course, our office number is also available should they want to call us directly. Please visit our client website to learn more.